Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Illustration Friday - Secret

OK, so for my first official artwork posting, since that is why I'm here, I'd like to share my first ever attempt at Illustration Friday. Odd, I know, that I've never participated since I've known about it for years and lurked through others' beautiful artwork... why did I not join in? Not sure but I'm here now and below is my illustration of the "secret" done in pencil with just a tad bit of tweaking digitally. Now the question is, will they go about their business as if nothing has happened or is the cat out of the bag... or is the cat in that sandwich?? Sadly, we might never know...


  1. GREAT JOB!!! Like your headder too! niiice

  2. Hi! That's such a cool drawing!

    What is Illustration Friday, or the "secret"?